I shoot with Canon 5D Mark III, Canon optics luxury line, professional light. If needed, we also use additional types of cameras, optics and light.

We professionally process all photos in Lightroom @ Photoshop. We aim to please our customers with best-quality pictures as soon as possible. We do not pile up raw terabytes of orders, but engage professional retouchers to fine-tune color correction.

We always agree on a purpose for shooting beforehand – weather you need your pictures for social networks, websites, print magazines, photo album or, say, for billboard ads. All this, surely, affects the time and cost of the work. But in any case, deadline for delivery of the processed images is 10 business days.

We charge from 60 euro per hour of shooting, depending on the tasks. Shooting preparations (setting of light and equipment) at a location is considered as a time spent on shooting. The fastest photo shoot, say, on the beach, portrait or love-story takes at least 2 hours. During this time we shoot from 15 to 20 top-quality photos. On weddings we usually work from 6-8 hours to several days with output of about several hundred excellent photos.

Surely, you can take all raw images in JPG format. But ask yourself whether you really need them. We put our logo only on carefully selected and professionally processed photos which we are proud of. (So, if you want to take raw shots, let’s agree you will not put our or somebody’s else logo on them.

You must be kidding! Take them all for free through any cloud storage – photo sharing sites.

Yes. Typically, we take 25% of the total cost of the work in advance. 50%  we charge in the final day of shooting, the rest 25% – soon after your receipt of all processed photos. But these conditions are, of cause, negotiable. We deliver taylor-made solutions

You can pay us in any preferable way (by credit card, cheque etc) – any of choice means within the framework of economic and ethical standards accepted in contemporary world. We will provide you with payment details.

We fluently speak, write and even sing in Russian, English and Greek.

Sure, keen eye. Our make-up artist is a graduate of Yangildina Make Up Studio, with a Make-up artist degree. She uses professional Kryolan make-up designed for movie industry

We will charge 55 euro for make-up and make-up artist on-site presence of up to two hours. If longer – 25 euros for every additional hour of make-up artist work. You are free to choose either to pay for MUA work or not. But experience shows that when our make-up artist is at the photo shoot site, we take pictures of the greatest possible quality. Make-up usually takes 1-2 hours before shooting, then – during breaks as needed.

It could be interesting because we work with image stocks. But, please, mind, that a model should be interesting both to us and image bank buyers. Anyway, give us a ring, write us, send photos, drop by for a cup of coffee. We will come up with something.

Sure, it does. The meaning of an image of spinning hares in a solar circle is eternal harmony being revealed to a man, harmony we are searching for together with you.